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Latest Product

VST-AU Mopho KB Editor™ 1.0.0
Advanced editor and librarian for the DSI Mopho keyboard. Runs as VST, AU or Stand-alone application.

Latest Update

VST-AU Lead 2 Editor™ 2.1.1
An advanced editor for the Clavia Nord Lead/Rack 2 and 2x. Runs as VST, AU or Stand-alone application.


Our customers have said:
Your editor has really opened up my Pulse. Now I just look at it as being a very hot plugin.

   ~ Paul and Leah at PunkDisco

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reKon audio Releases VST-AU Mopho KB Editor for the DSI Mopho Keyboard

reKon audio has released their latest new product, the VST-AU Mopho KB Editor today. The VST-AU Mopho KB Editor™ is a real-time MIDI Synth Editor that allows you full control of every parameter of the sound on the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard synthesizer. With it, you can view, manage and edit all your patches with detail on the computer, visually. All parameters are fully automatable in your favorite VST or Audio Unit Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) host*, giving you the ability to visually program the hardware synthesizer along with your music via the DAW host sequencer. This ability to model your Patches in real-time, inside your main music production environment is part of what makes the VST-AU Mopho KB Editor™ unique when compared to other hardware Synth Editors.

If you don't need or use a DAW host, you can still use all the features, manage your patches, and make real-time edits with the Standalone version.

reKon audio also recently released the VST-AU Mopho Editor for users of the DSI Mopho Desktop synthesizer. Since there are difference in the data format between the Mopho Desktop and Mopho Keyboard, please be sure you purchase the correct version for your system.

The VST-AU Mopho KB Editor comes in VST, Audio Unit and Standalone versions for both Mac OSX (10.6 and above), and Windows (XP and above).

* See product web pages for current DAW support.