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VST-AU Pulse Editor
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VST-AU Pulse Editor

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Supports Mac OSX 10.7 - 10.12, and Windows XP, 7, 8, and 8.1 in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. High Sierra and Windows 10 support is not yet available.

Comes in 32 bit and 64 bit VST and Audio Unit Plug-In versions!


All new features support popular VST and Audio Unit hosts with both an Editor and Patch Librarian... in the Host or as Standalone!

The VST-AU Pulse Editor™ is a real-time MIDI synth editor that allows you full control of every parameter of the sound on the Waldorf Pulse™and Pulse™ synthesizers. You can manage, view and edit all your patches on the computer itself. All parameters are fully automatable and you can even use your favorite VST or AU host, or use it stand-alone, giving you the ability to visually program the Pulse to your music via the host sequencer, or just manage the patches in standalone mode. This ability to model your synth patches in realtime, inside your main music production environment is part of what makes the VST-AU Pulse Editor™ unique. You may also use the standalone application if you do not need to work inside the host or if your host is not supported. Now you can utilize your Pulse to its full potential and build lasting and meaningful patches that will bring new life to your music.

Advanced Patch Librarian

The VST-AU Pulse Editor™ includes an advanced Patch Manager view that allows you to rename patches, and even drag and drop patches from one slot to another. Now you can provide meaningful naming to your patches and organize them efficiently and save them as standard .fxp/.fxb files.

Import Existing Patches

With the latest 2.2.0 version, you can perform sysex patch and bank dumps to and from the Pulse into the VST-AU Pulse Editor to edit/store your existing Pulse patches. You can also load and save sysex banks and patches via .syx files.

Patch Randomizer

The VST-AU Pulse Editor™ also includes a Patch Randomizer that allows you to create patches randomly.

MIDI Input and Output Monitoring

The Midi Monitor view allows you to view all MIDI data coming into and out of the VST-AU Pulse Editor™. Easily switch between Input and Output views. You can even copy the data from the event logs for pasting and saving into standard text editors or other applications. Click the 'View Screenshot' link above to see what this view looks like.

MIDI Setup

The VST-AU Pulse Editor™ is based on an entirely new framework that allows you to select the MIDI input and output ports directly from within the editor itself. MIDI Setup also allows you to filter out specific MIDI data or toggle MIDI In and Out operations. Click the 'View Screenshot' link above to see what this view looks like.


The Waldorf Pulse™ and Pulse Plus synthesizers...

The Waldorf Pulse™ is a rack mountable, monophonic analog synthesizer built in Germany. It sports three oscillators, two with pulse width, two LFOs, two assignable envelopes, a filter and amp section and an advanced arpeggiator. There is also a matrix of four modulation routings that are assignable by source and destination. This in part, is what gives the Pulse a unique sound characteristic. Later came the Waldorf Pulse Plus™, the same great synth, but fitted with the added capability of utilizing MIDI CV control and the ability to route external signals through the Pulse’s filter and amp sections.

This editor will work on the Waldorf Pulse and Pulse Plus models.

DAW Host Support Information

Check the chart below for details on which hosts are supported before you purchase the software! This editor can also be run as a standalone application in the event your host is not supported.

Host Windows Mac
Steinberg Cubase SX 2 - Cubase latest version Y Y
Ableton Live 7 - Live latest version Y Y
Cakewalk Sonar 6 to Sonar latest version
Presonus StudioOne 1.5 -  StudioOne latest version Y Y
Imageline FL Studio 9 - FLStudio latest version Y N/A
Apple Logic Pro 8 - X latest version N/A Y
MOTU Digital Performer 7 - Digital Performer latest version N/A Y
Cockos Reaper 1.0 - Reaper latest version Y N
Bitwig Studio 1.0 - Bitwig Studio latest version Y Y
Plogue Bidule
Mackie Tracktion
Tobybear's MiniHost
Hermann Sieb's VST Host

Current Platforms Available:

Windows - VST 2.4, Standalone
Mac OSX - VST 2.4, Audio Unit, Standalone

This plug-in comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Version History:

The reKon VST-AU Pulse Editor™ occasionally has changes to keep it up to date and bug free. The following is a list of changes since the software's inception.


Release Date


Release 2.2.0


1. The software now comes with both 32 bit and 64 bit VST-AU versions.
2. A completely new MIDI engine. It runs much smoother than any previous version and is now as sample accurate as possible.
3. Fixed several crash issues with the AU in Logic and Live.
4. Incoming MIDI CC from the Host MIDI In will now get sent on to the synth (as well as changing the Editor view).

Release 2.1.0


1. Fixed the growing memory issue.
2. Patch settings are now remembered when you reload.
3. Patches are now transfered bidirectionally via sysex messages. Changing patches is much faster now.
4. You can now transfer sysex banks and patches directly to and from the editor and synth.
5. Value scaling has been fixed. parameter values should always match now.

Release 2.0.5


1. Clock BPM display info has been fixed. It should now align with the value on the Pulse.

2. Program Numbers are now properly aligned with those on the Pulse.

3. You can now perform a 'single sysex patch dump' from the Pulse into the Editor to get your existing Pulse patches into the VST-AU Pulse Editor. You can do this with the older 1.4 Pulse OS versions as well as the newer 2.0.1 Pulse OS (Now you don't need the Pulse 2.0.1 OS to get patches into the editor!).

4. Sysex file loading/saving has been fixed. Values should now match (or come extremely close to) the original data. The previous versions were assigning wrong values to a few parameters.

5. MIDI Setup: Editor MIDI Input has been updated. You should be able to see the first MIDI port now. Previous versions had an issue where it would not display the first MIDI IN port.

6. Changed the way presets are loaded. Previous versions would always load the default bank from file (which would override the users last settings). The editor will not load anything by default now. So, on the first run, you will need to manually open the Patch Manager dialog and load the default bank file. Once this has been loaded, the host should be able to take over and remember the settings. However, It is always recommended that you save your changes manually from the PATCH Manager as .fxb/.fxp files.

7. New default sound bank (with proper patch names and sound data). Included are 100 free sounds.

8. The Audio Unit version is now valid and working. It should now show up in Live and Logic as the VST-AU Pulse Editor and work properly as an Audio Unit.

Release 2.0.3


- New windowing now closes all windows on editor close.
- New MIDI Setup window with full filtering options for both host and editor MIDI data.
- New Dual Pane MIDI Monitor window allows you to view MIDI In and Out data.
- New Patch Management features for Copy, Swap, or Move.
- New audio card set up window.
- Improved CPU and memory performance.
- Missing 'Patch' parameters for part two have been added.

Release 2.0.0


-Audio Unit support.
-Standalone application version.
-Advanced MIDI Setup with independent MIDI ports.
-Patch Manager view.
-Patch Randomizer.
-MIDI Monitors.
-Pitchbend and Modulation Wheels added.

Release 1.5.2


-Sysex Bank/Patch load and save.
-New MIDI engine.
-MIDI echo fixed.
-MIDI Send/Receive toggle buttons added.
-Program Change Send/Receive toggle buttons added.

Release 1.4.0


-Fixed MIDI in problem in Cubase SX.
-Controller dumps from Pulse now working again.
-Works in most 2.4 VST Hosts.
-Now includes 100 preset locations.
-Presets are still set to '0' defaults, you can load the sample .FXB bank of 12 presets.

Release 1.3.0


-Complete redesign in C++.
-All new GUI.
-Increased CPU and memory performance by over 800%.

Release 1.2.0


-Reduced memory use, added Copy/Paste functions, added Pulse Plus features.

Release 1.1.0


-First release.

For more information and manuals for the Waldorf Pulse, visit the official Waldorf Music site at Waldorf Music.


The reKon audio VST Pulse Editor™ is not affiiliated or associated with Waldorf Music, or the Pulse/Pulse Plus product itself. Waldorf and the Pulse names and logos are the property of Waldorf Music. Apple Computer and the Audio Unit name and logos are the property of Apple Computer. VST plugin technology by Steinberg Media, Gmbh.